Shoreline Diffuser

Shoreline Diffuser

Take your favourite essential oils with you on the go with one of our wooden diffuser bracelets!

Gemstones {8 & 10mm}:  Bamboo Agate & wood beads with brass hexagons, a gold stardust & crystal paved bead

*Each bracelet is unique due to the natural occurrence of gemstones.

To use: place 2-3 drops of essential oil on the wooden beads. Scent will last 1-3 days {depending on concentration}. Replenish as needed.  **Note: please apply essential oils to the bracelet and allow to absorb before wearing- this prevents any staining of the wrist or clothing.**

Sizing: Measure your wrist and choose the closest size from the drop down menu. Our bracelets are made to comfortably fit your wrist measurement. So if you measure 6”, your size is 6”. 


*Slide your bracelets over your hand when putting on and taking off. Do not over stretch.*

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