Penny Birthstone Stacker

Penny Birthstone Stacker

Custom Canadian penny bracelets!! Pick your gemstone/birthstone & pick your dates (upto year 2012). 

A popular combination is a mother & her children's pennies/birthstones in a stack!
Make great gifts in memory of loved ones passed on.

**PLEASE SPECIFY IN CART COMMENTS YOUR WRIST MEASUREMENT & YEAR OF PENNY.** If not specified, wrist size of 6.5" will be used & random penny.

***Note: turnaround time is 2-3 days***

January: Garnet

February: Amethyst
March: Aquamarine
April: Diamond; Gemstone used: White/Clear Frosted Jade
May: Emerald; Gemstone used: Green Sea Sediment Jasper
June: Moonstone
July: Ruby; Gemstone used: Red Sea Sediment Jasper
August: Peridot
September: Sapphire; Gemstone used: Blue Sea Sediment Jasper
October: Opal
November: Topaz/Citrine; Gemstone used: Yellow Sea Sediment Jasper
December: Turquoise; Gemstone used: Turquoise Sea Sediment Jasper