Pregnancy Chime

Pregnancy Chime

Pregnancy chime necklace 🤰🏼👼🏼

These necklaces sound a gentle chime as they move across the belly, creating a soothing sound for babies during and after pregnancy. 

After birth the necklace can be worn on the shorter chain to comfort babies, especially during breastfeeding or nap time. The baby will recognize the chime of the harmony ball. 


Each necklace has a rhinestone paved antique silver locket, a stainless steel angel wing and comes with two stainless steel chains. One for pregnancy at 31-33” (adjustable) and one for breastfeeding at 20” end to end. Your choice of coloured chime ball for inside the locket.

**These must be shipped as a parcel or picked up. The pendants are too large to ship as lettermail. **